Today is the first full day of spring. We saw it in last night with one of the best spring equinox rituals in which I’ve ever had the pleasure to participate. (Yes, it even beat the Slinky rit four springs ago.) We had a great cross-section of people present, and the insightful focal exercise was fabulously designed and executed.

It is also JS Bach’s birthday. Happy birthday, JS!

And what better way to celebrate both the birth of JS and the first day of spring than by buying a replica sword based on the weapons of A Song of Ice and Fire?

4 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Owldaughter Post author

    That’s hilarious. This amuses me:

    Birch said he has little sympathy for his perfectionist mother, who reportedly tries to do too much and invites too many people. He says she is known to spend countless hours weaving thistle wreaths and sun-drying her own currants for hot cross buns in preparation for the Equinox. “It’s hard to feel sorry for her when things don’t go exactly according to her elaborate, impossible plans,” Birch said.

  2. bev

    I can’t believe that this man actually exists. Or is a pagan. I think this is meant to be a joke that shows how, even if you aren’t Jewish or Christian, you will inevitably fight with your family over the holidays–any holidays–and your mother will nag you about coming to dinner, being single, and anything else that families fight about. And there will inevitably be a half-drunken auntie or uncle around, and a complaining old grandparent. It’s just funnier when the names are based on pagan gods or fairies, and when the food being prepared sounds as if it’s symbolic–as if to show that pagans and Wiccans, ‘enlightened’ and counter culture as they be, still have family problems. But I’ll bet the guy being ‘interviewed’ is really not pagan or Wiccan himself.

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    Yes, Bev, it’s a joke and completely fake — The Onion is a satire site that posts humour in all sorts of categories, parodying news stories and services as well as media style.


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