8 thoughts on “Done!

  1. jan

    Congrats! Enjoy your well-earned bubble-bath. I would do the same thing, but I would have to clean the bath out first, and I just don’t have the energy.

  2. Phnee

    Falling asleep in bubble baths is underrated. I used to fall asleep in my bath all the time, back when I had time to take them (when I was working at the bank).

    Now I seem to only have time for showers. Pity, that.

    That reminds me that I should look into buying some foamy stuff…

    Congratulations on finishing everything!

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    Oh, the falling asleep in a warm bath is nice — it’s the waking up in cold water with a crick in my back that isn’t as much fun.

    Foamy stuff? I have an Avon rep! Avon bubble bath is one of the few I can use that doesn’t make my skin itch or leave a nasty ring in the tub. Let me know if you’d like a catalogue.


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