Spiritual Housecleaning

I dusted off my personal altar today and rearranged things a bit. I updated my spellbox with new petitions and burned old ones that had seen fruition or pertained to events now concluded. I lit candles, purified with incense, and settled down to meditate. This is part of what I’m doing to keep in touch with the foundations of my practice.

One of the changes I want to make in my life involves dealing with how overwhelmed by spiritual administration I’ve been feeling. For the past six years I’ve written and taught and led and guided and it’s time to pull back from that to focus on reacquainting myself with my own personal spiritual practices once again. The energy I’ve been putting into supporting other spiritual experiences has to be turned inward for a time to nourish my own spirituality.

And having said that, this afternoon I sat down to begin putting the basics down in a document for an article I proposed to WynterGreene for the Spring spiritual gardening issue. More spiritual-guidance type writing, yes; but I’m doing this from a different perspective. Also, it’s been over a year since I handed off the green witch book, so my brain has had time to recover from intense immersion in the subject and the ensuing evasion of even thinking about it (a perfectly natural form of self-defense when one has eaten/breathed/slept a single subject for over a year, in order to avoid burnout), and now I’m actually beginning to sense a revival of my interest in the topic again. It’s terribly nice to finish this article outline and already be a third of the way to my target word count. It means that when I expand the point-form outline into full sentences I’ll be over halfway there, and then when I add sentences to further explore/explain and link things I’ll be right where I’m supposed to be. As a requested submission for the same issue I’m also working on an annotated bibliography of sorts of selected titles I used as reference for WotGW, and it’s much harder to narrow the list down to my top ten ten picks from the list of books than I expected it to be. It feels good to have made this much progress on both articles when I was only expecting to work on one.

Countdown to Imbolc, my favourite festival: Nine days!

8 thoughts on “Spiritual Housecleaning

  1. Tigerlily

    I’ve been seeking out Brigit’s help for healing a lot lately. If you peek at my blog you’d know that I’m overwhlmed with family stuff lately, including my folks not having power for over 10 days now :( Imbolc is going to be a special time for us. I’ve already seen so many positive changes taking place in 2007. You’re not alone in wanting to do some spiritual housekeeping. And alas, I too have to piece together something for WynterGreene, although I’m not sure which one of the two ideas I’m tossing about to choose. It’ll be a surprise :) Cheers.

  2. Phnee

    Dude, there are some very surreal comments to this post. No offense meant if they are actual friends/acquaintances of yours, but something tells me your spam filters may be malfunctioning. :P

    Spiritual housekeeping (as Tigerlily put it) seems to be the order of the day for a lot of people lately. I wonder what it is about these recent times that is making everyone a little more introspective. Is it the season? Something else?

  3. Phnee

    Oops. I am t3h st00pid and didn’t read the title of your post properly. I thought Tigerlily was the first to coin the term “spiritual housecleaning,” but I see now that I was mistaken. Bah. That’ll teach me to read only the post and not the title.

  4. Elim

    Damn… Imbolc is coming… Good thing I was coming by your blog or I would have completely forgotten about it…


  5. Owldaughter Post author

    Imbolc is also the feast of Brigid, the godform with whom I most resonate. The festival itself is associated with purification, light, blessing, healing, and such things.


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