Swan Sister Update

Total word count, Swan Sister: 29,617
New words today: 2,866

There’s a tiny voice in the back of my brain that’s saying “you’re only 150 words away from accomplishing 3K today”, and I am putting my hands over my ears and singing “LA LA LA” to drown it out because I am exhausted and I refuse to drag this out.

Angst, characters trying to figure out what happened, more angst, characters trying to figure out what to do next, some angst, then skinning and dressing a swan and practicalities like what to do with all the bits.

Yeah, it’s been that kind of day. Three and a half hours of this. But I may have gotten the story to a place where it can actually move again, now. The Significant Stuff of this portion of the book has been dealt with, and now everyone can get going and act.

2 thoughts on “Swan Sister Update

  1. Ceri

    Congratulations on getting past the difficult bit! And on all the words, which are awesome. You can always cut the angst out later if it doesn’t fit (or if you’re tired of it.)


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