Wasting Time

I am currently doing my best to avoid working. So far it seems to be successful, because now I only have an hour and fifteen minutes left before I have to get ready to leave for lunch with Lady Roo.

Not that I’ve been completely wasting time: I’ve had breakfast, caught up on correspondence (which is a fancy term I use for e-mail both business and casual, filing paper mail, making/taking phone calls, reading news, and tracking info down), and tidied up. I’m just aware that I should open a file and do some writing of some sort, but doing busy-work instead. Busy-work does need to get done at some point, after all.

Look! An hour and ten minutes left! I should see how many words I can get thrown down in an hour. Messy, but good exercise.

One thought on “Wasting Time

  1. Maia

    I hear you.

    I’ve been wasting time for entirely too long…

    Nuts! I’m doing it again.

    Ah well. Hugs to you and the family.

    May 2007 bring you ever more joy and prosperity.


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