Swan Sister Update

I’ve had a remarkably good afternoon.

Total word count, Swan Sister: 22,525
New words today: 1,985

I finally got past the Major Thing that had to happen in order to get the rest of the book going. There’s another plot point that has to happen directly afterwards, but at least now everyone’s in the right place (geographically and character-wise) for it to occur. It’s going to need rewriting later because it’s all over the place, but now there’s something down that makes sense to my characters and to the story as a whole. Plus I have the added bonus of knowing exactly what happens next when I sit down to write.

It feels so good to not only be working on this again, but to have written through the Big Obstacle that has been lurking there since July. (Not that I’ve really had the time or headspace to work on it, what with ESTC and being ambushed by YA historical fiction. But still.)

2 thoughts on “Swan Sister Update

  1. Phnee

    I am *so* jealous. I’m dying to get back to my writing, which probably won’t happen until next week at the earliest.

    Uh… the formatting on this may end up weird. The cursor just keeps going well off the screen as I type…

    Oops. Silly work computer.


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