I’ve been getting things done: Christmas shopping (finished!), reloading programs as I need them, designing a new website, sleeping. Plus I haven’t been very talkative in general, so that translates to not much journaling in any form.

In other news, we have had two roasts and a lasagne in the past seven days. Apparently the comfort food season is upon us.

We had an exhausting but encouraging Messiah rehearsal last night, our first with the choir and soloists. By the end of it I was so weary that I couldn’t translate the music I was reading into actual movement. We’re playing the Skaters’ Waltz again to accompany the freewill offering, which means I have to (a) remember the bassline because I’m actually playing an octave lower than the bass music is written, and (b) remember the triangle parts. The carols and the Messiah sound excellent, however, and I’m looking forward to Saturday night. The only hitch is that I have to be there for six in the evening, which is usually when we’re finishing up the boy’s bath. We’re going to try to get him down a bit early so the neighbours who will be staying the evening don’t have to try to put him to bed, but I don’t know if it’s going to work. It depends on what his day has been like. If it goes badly I may have to leave HRH at home.

Also, due to rearranged seating to fit the orchestra into a small space, I am sitting directly in front of the conductor, which is very odd.

Remember: This Saturday night at 7:30, The Messiah at Cedar Park United church, corner Lakeview and St John’s Blvd in Pointe-Claire (one block south of autoroute 20)! Admission is free; a freewill offering will be taken halfway through the concert for various charities.

HRH’s work appointment was cancelled today, so we’ll be going to get our tree once Liam wakes up from his nap instead of doing it on Sunday as was our original plan. There’s something mildly disturbing about shopping for Christmas trees in temperatures that are ten degrees above the seasonal average.

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