Is It Me?

Things are basically functional again.

However, in trying to install an ethernet network card into my laptop on Wednesday the Win98 install went mildly wonky, which means I have to hit the enter button a few times in order to get past missing file notifications (the card ended up not working in the end after all, and ye gods but my chunky little 1994 laptop is ssllooww — determined, yes, but it processes with the speed of a tortoise). Also, yesterday the digital camera fell off a shelf as I was trying to pick it up and the lens got whacked and jammed at a bad angle. The good news about that is once HRH got the lens off, everything else functioned perfectly well, so we’ll just need to take it to repair/replace the lens. And soon, because Christmas is coming.

It hasn’t been my week. I’m keeping a low profile and staying out of Fate’s sight because I don’t want to think about what might break next.

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding are on the menu tonight, to be consumed in good company. Let’s hope the oven doesn’t blow a fuse again.

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