Cue The Wibbling

The MS for ESTC was just resubmitted. Now I get to worry about how good my tweaks are, on top of how good the book is as a whole.

No, I cannot win.

I do like it, though, I really do. It’s much better than I remember feeling that it was when I first submitted it, so those two weeks gave me a good step back and helped me regain perspective. I’m more confident this time. I still can’t shake the anxious knot between my shoulders, though, but that’s perfectly natural.

I’m going to go for a drive and pick up the boy with HRH, as he’s stopped by on his way there to offer the opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Cue The Wibbling

  1. jan

    If I am remembering correctly, you’re more confident about this one than you were the last two… considering how good the last two were; this one is sure to be fabulous!


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