Week-Long Writing Roundup

I really do post these things for my own future benefit, you know. I use my own archives as reference all the time when working through subsequent books.

ESTC: Many more carrots, although it remains to be seen if these carrots are baby carrots or full carrots, and if they will stay carrots or be removed and held for future use somewhere else.

Total word count, Il Maestro e le Figlie di Coro: 46,903
The final MS target length remains roughly 60,000, although I will certainly go over that before it is declared done as I intend to write both endings and then choose which one feels the best fit.

Nov 22: 3,013
Nov 23: 2,408
Nov 24: 5,352
Nov 25: 0
Nov 26: 2,231
Nov 27: 5,283

This is flowing well and relatively easily, although I will have to rearrange things once the first draft is complete in order for the timeline to make more sense. I’m leaving little marks in the text indicating where I’ll have to rejig things.

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