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To promote her new album An Ancient Muse (which is quite good, although I’m only halfway through it so far), Loreena McKennitt will be appearing at the Galeries Laval location of Archambault (1545 Le Corbusier Blvd, Laval, QC) on December 2 at 14h00. It’s a bit of a commute outside Montreal, but it’s the only appearance she’s doing in the province at the moment. No concert dates have been announced yet, either, but I’m sure there will be.

2 thoughts on “McKennitt News

  1. Paze

    Thanks for that link; I listened to the samples and liked them all. (If you bring the cd over when you drop off Liam on Tuesday, Jeff can copy it and have it ready to give back to you when you come to pick him up later. Yes?)

    As for her appearance at Archambeault I’m predicting a mob scene, so I think I’ll give it a pass, much though I’d love to see her and get a signing. I would love just once to see her in concert. Are her concerts good?

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    Yes! Plus I can actually return your Vivaldi CDs, which have been sitting out in plain view for the past two weeks.

    Her concerts are magical. As magical as being in a room with a thousand other people can be, anyhow. Have t! or I ever told you about the one where the audience would *not* stop applauding, and so she came back for a final solo encore after the venue staff had turned the house lights back on? That was a remarkable evening.


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