fps Online Animation Auction

Every year fps: the magazine of animation holds an online auction of animation-related material in order to raise funds for charity. This auction’s proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society for the second year in a row, as decided by the fps readership.

The auction goes live on Wednesday November 22 and runs for one week. You can see a preview list of some of the items available here, including original artwork, DVDs, books, CDs, and software. There’s also a direct donation button on that page that offers you the opportunity to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society via the fps parent company 5×5 Media, if you wish to contribute to funding support for those with cancer and their families without participating in the fps auction.

And a reminder: issue 9 of fps magazine is now available for download, which includes a review of the Pinky and the Brain Vol. 1 DVD set by yours truly.

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