IMFC Update

Total word count, Il Maestro e le Figlie di Coro: 16,054
Total words today: 2,667

All I wanted to do today was sleep. It’s a good thing I had summarised in a single paragraph one of the events I wanted to occur at some point, because I defaulted to writing that event today. And it produced ten pages of interesting interaction and development, and the potential for repercussions, emotional and otherwise.

I’m currently struggling with point of view — sometimes the narrative wants to follow someone who isn’t a main character, which shouldn’t happen. I’ve got a limited omniscient narrator that focuses on a single character, which can make things difficult if the event I’m writing about is centered on someone else. It creates the need for reporting off-stage action, which is hard to write and keep interesting.

Off to pick up the boy, now. And no writing tonight! This story’s been driving my brain too hard, and as a result I’ve been getting to bed late because I’ve been setting down the bones of the story before it vanishes.

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