6 thoughts on “Cautious

  1. jan

    Go you! And a pretty amazing accomplishment, considering all the upheaval you’ve had in the past couple of days… I’ve spent the day colouring for Karine and it’s taken me the whole day to do most of one page; which considering I had to learn to use the graphics tablet and the software, isn’t all that bad…

  2. pasley

    Good on ya!!

    (And counting chicks is not always a bad thing, I don’t think. Not that you are, but anyway. . . )

  3. Amy M

    I am searching for ideas around a ritual of release, with respect to a failed pregnancy, the process still pending completion (I have some time to pass the tissue before I am given meds). I would love any suggestions you might make to help me, my husband, and our 3 yr old boy. The pregnancy was not long in duration, and I have a lot of support. Have done a/puncture, and am taking herbs.

  4. Owldaughter Post author

    Oh, Amy, my heart is with you. I have some suggestions but there’s too much to post here, and some of it I want to direct cut and paste from the manuscript so I don’t want it out in a public place as the book hasn’t been published yet. Can you e-mail me instead, at daughterofowls AT owldaughter DOT org, and I’ll send you what I’ve got?

    If you don’t mind, I’ll add you and your family to my ongoing healing candle, too.

    And thank you for asking; I’m honoured by your request.

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