So Not Less The Drama

Liam, of course, had a wonderful afternoon yesterday with his godparents and came home all smiles. Ate like a small horse. Slept for an hour and a half. Bit no one. (Or so I assume, because I didn’t hear about it.) And then he ate a huge bowl of pasta and veggies in homemade cheese sauce for supper, had a fun bath during which he gave us very wet and tender hugs, and went to bed cheerfully. With those damn molars, it’s like Jeckyll and Hyde around here sometimes.

Filling the gas tank to the literal brim gave me an indecent amount of pleasure. Our gas tank hasn’t been full since sometime in late May. I just keep putting five or ten dollars in when gas prices dip down closer to a dollar, or when we need it. Pumping gas doesn’t rank as one of my favorite tasks — I don’t hate it, I’m just neutral about it — but I enjoyed every moment this time. It was extraordinarily satisfying.

HRH and I had a good dinner of leftover ribs and new potatoes drowned in butter with freshly ground sea salt and pepper. Simple, and utterly delicious. We watched a very good PBS program on the making of the Mars Pathfinders, followed by the second-ever RockStar: Supernova episode that I’ve seen, which I somehow feel that I enjoyed much more than I should have. It’s just become appointment television. (Gentle Readers, I am in a band, you know. We do play The Ramones and Metallica. And I’m fascinated by the art of arrangement.)

I received a deeply appreciated message from one of my oldest friends this morning, pointing out some positive truths that helped reinforce today’s saner perspective for me. I don’t have to always be perky and cheerful and resilient. Stress happens. Nerves understandably fray. And the stress gets worse because I care so much.

Today, I have a stack of Haydn string quartet CDs to rip to my computer as I work, because one can never have enough string quartets in one’s playlists. Then I may move on to ripping my Beethoven quartets. Then Schubert. Who knows? I lead such a wild and crazy life.

10 thoughts on “So Not Less The Drama

  1. Owldaughter Post author

    That’s because I only have two disks of his quartets, and I bought one because it was mentioned in a book I read, and the other as research for my 2002 NaNo novel. If I want to listen to quartets, I specifically want to hear Beethoven or Haydn; Mozart handles them as well as anything else he writes, but they’re very light.

  2. Tigerlily :)

    I love Mozart. So much that I named a cat after him (he was black and white like piano keys) back in college. I think Tom Hulce did an excellent portrayal of him in the movie Amadeus.

    Glad you enjoyed the link to Omnia. It’s a haunting song, much like some of the arrangements in Evanescense… who is coming out with a new album next month.

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    Omnia are awesome! I downloaded everything I could, and when I have spare cash again (those cheques can arrive any time now, thank you) I’ll be ordering all the CDs.

  4. Owldaughter Post author

    For everyone else: Check out the Omnia Neocelt website for some excellent downloadable music, through the individual album links via the Discography link. This is why I likea selection of full sample songs available online for download; hearing these half-dozen pieces has convinced me to buy all the available albums.

  5. paze

    Just to reassure you: Liam did not bite anyone yesterday, human or feline!! (And again, he was cheery as all get-out.)

  6. Alison

    We are totally into Rockstar:SuperNova. Husband was a pot head rocker as a kid I I was soooo not). I am appreciating it from an adult perspective of guaging who is risght for the job as well as the fun of the music and personalities. Plus, for the first time I’m interested in Evanesance(I’m so unhip). WooHoo.


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