Monday Again

I’m tired. That’s pretty much all there is to say about the weekend, apart from the fact that I spent time with very good friends celebrating various things like graduation and moving away and belated housewarmings and spiritual milestones, and now it’s the week again and I didn’t get to rest at all. I deliberately spent this morning away from the computer and wrote longhand in the living room. It was good for my back and my state of mind. But it doesn’t change the fact that I’m really tired.

Here’s something of interest for all you author-types who write short novels: the Miami University Press Novella contest.

Submission Rules and Guidelines:

* Winning entry receives $1000 and book publication.
* Postmark by October 15, 2006.
* Reading fee $25, payable to MU Press.
* All entrants receive copy of winning book.
* Submit manuscripts, 40,000 words or less, two title pages, one with author’s name, address and phone number, one without. Author’s name must not appear elsewhere.
* The minimum word count is 60 pages times 300 words or 18,000 words.

One thought on “Monday Again

  1. scarlet

    Hmmm… novel ideasa bouncing in my head… but damn school. I would love to do this except school cuts into writing time. Ah well.


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