I just spent an hour running around not getting the two things I needed to get. No 16-gauge copper wire with which to bribe tonight’s babysitter. Worst of all, no new CD player for the car. Because, you know, a hundred dollars of hidden costs (above and beyond the extra fifty I’d already budgeted to cover such costs, which makes for one hunded fifty over the actual price of the unit) makes for a very cranky me and a very firm “Forget it” to the salesguy. The extra costs — equipment adaptors, installation, blah blah blah — totalled more than the unit itself, by a couple of dollars.

Cranky. Although the salesguy was kind enough to show me an alternate unit that was fifty dollars less, with all the same features and a longer base warranty, made by an equally reliable company. I didn’t ask for a quote on the extra equipment needed to adapt it to our car, which was dumb, but I was too annoyed to hang around, and certainly too cranky to make a split-second decision. I’ll send HRH in at some point instead and he can ask.


Now I go to do a final read and polish on my submissions for the local Neopagan journal. I’m hoping I like them enough to avoid serious rewrites.

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