Not such a great day today. I started out ill, got mildly better, but didn’t have the opportunity to sit down to work until after lunch due to a meeting, at which point it was kind of a write-off because an evil, evil migraine had started setting in. And then HRH called, having finished work early at 2:00, so I went to pick him up. When we got home I crashed with lots of Tylenol to nap for an hour. When I woke up the headache was mostly gone.

Our tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen. Best garden yield today, however, are the six sprigs of lavender I picked. They smell wonderfully green and spicy, and are very graceful in the Caithness vase on my desk.

Ice cream tonight! It’s the Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser at Dairy Queen, so we’re having an ice cream date with the upstairs neighbours. Maybe I’ll try to slip in some work afterwards, even if it’s just lying in bed with my notebook and letting my thoughts wander around.

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