It’s Really All The Cats’ Work

A few years ago I was posting insane word count during a NaNo, and someone joked that I had one or more of the cats churning out slush for me.

I’m sure everyone will be grateful to know that Nixie is not, in fact, contributing to this latest book.

(I have a new desk! I’ll be replacing this one sometime this week! Hurrah!)

4 thoughts on “It’s Really All The Cats’ Work

  1. l'exclamation, parbleu

    meow Nixie

    Brrroww! Mrowr meow rt prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


    “Ack ack ackack,” mrr airwr owr.

    Meow prr-tt hi arin mrowr prrr prrr HSSSSSS!

    Mew rt.

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    Me too. I turned the flash off, since one of the things I liked was the warm light.

    And really, what can I say to the comment posted by Nix, channelled via t!? It’s remarkably accurate. Even down to the in-joke embedded within it.


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