When Typos Express What We’re Really Thinking About

Ah, subtext.

In essence, Brigid is a goddess of transformation, and smiting is perhaps the clearest example of this.

What, me, annoyed at something? Why do you ask? (Or perhaps that ought to be “still annoyed at something”, or “more of a similar something”.)

Smite is such a lovely word. Of Germanic origin, you know, giving us our Anglo-Saxon word “smith”, meaning “to hit”. Lots. Against something hard. Perhaps I will begin using this word more frequently. As in, “Move or I will smite you.” Or, “Stop telling me you know me better than I do, relative stranger, or there will be smiting.” Or perhaps, “Say one more thing about how I work — or worse, should work — and you will find yourself smitten.”

8 thoughts on “When Typos Express What We’re Really Thinking About

  1. Talyesin

    There was this character Biff had in Dark Champions who had one power, a transformation power. If he hit you with this power, he would transform you from living to dead.

    Pretty efficient workaround, I thought.

  2. Phnee

    Does Brigid have a “smite” key on her keyboard? I think all keyboards should come with one. I definitely need a “smite” button at work.

  3. Lu

    damnit, I was beaten to the punch!

    HOWEVER, I am in actual possession of a Far Side cartoon with god at his computer, on the screen a man walking underneath a piano being held by ropes, and god’s finger over the smite button. priceless!


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