It Haunts Me

For the fourth time running in writing a contracted book, I find myself having to include a discussion regarding basic energy use.


Curse me for being responsible.

I unplugged my computer from the router earlier to better ignore the siren song of the Internet and email, because I was using it as an escape from writing. (Seven new words; I had a lousy seven words for over two hours.) Then I had to plug it in again to do research. There is no way to win.

Back into the fray. At least now I’m at 515 words, which is approximately a 75% increase in output today so far.

One thought on “It Haunts Me

  1. Tigerlily :)

    Yes, I’ve been feeling like I need to do the same thing, only with my kids. My son’s now giving up his morning nap :( That’s my productive hour too. I’ll work something out by Fall. Grats on the contracts and moving ahead with the new book. Can’t wait to read it!


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