Good News: She’s Back

The series for which I helped develop the proposal has been accepted. (This means I get a small finder’s fee of sorts, a pleasant thing.)

My own proposal for one of the books within that series has also been accepted. I got the offer today. Shorter book, definitely less money, but it’s a subject I really want to write about, so I’m taking it. (There’s an art budget! Woo!)

And the other book I was asked to write has been scheduled for after this series book, so I can pick that one up after this one is written.

I’m back. Oh, I am so back. And this after five different people asked me over the weekend how the writing was going, to which I could only reply that it hasn’t been going at all, plain and simple. Full-time mom, can’t work. But with part-time daycare, and a contract…

Oh yes. I’m back.

And in a nice symmetry, it was a year ago tomorrow that I delivered the green witch book. I’ve had almost exactly a year off from professional writing. (Slogging through the copyedits and rewrites don’t count here; I mean the actual coming up with stuff and putting it on a blank page for the first time.)

Now I have to go work out a writing schedule with quotas and so forth, write that table of contents, and expand my outline so that I have a good solid skeleton with which to work.

5 thoughts on “Good News: She’s Back

  1. Ceri

    Welcome back!

    Well, I say ‘welcome’ as if you have arrived someplace and I was there waiting for you which isn’t exactly the case. However, I’m really glad to see you getting back into writing and very happy for you.


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