To: Everyone. Re: The Birthday Thing.

Okay, look.

I’m not seeking a babysitter. I truly appreciate the flood of offers that have poured in, but that’s not the actual issue. The problem really revolves around scheduling the event.

It’s nice to know there are piles of people willing to spend time with the boy, really, it is. But it’s not the solution. When a solution has been found, there will be a general notice, and everyone can be happy, including me, and Liam, and HRH, and you too, dear reader.

So thank you, and thank you again, and by the way thank you. Now go read a book or go play outside or something.

One thought on “To: Everyone. Re: The Birthday Thing.

  1. ADZO

    Oh oh!! I got it,

    I’ll babysit for you! It’ll solve everything!!

    Inspired by the comedian who has that great bit about how Ottawa was allowed to have their once-upon-a-time football team be called the RoughRiders, depsite another team in a league of 8 having the same name. :)


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