‘Cause it’s much with the proposals, and even being asked if I want to write a fun book I didn’t dream up myself, which I could do in my sleep. (Almost. You know what I mean: I’m that familiar with the topic, and it’s practical information and lots of spells and such, not the deep philosophical metaphysical slippery spiritual stuff that always takes longer than I think it will.)

And honestly, I could do two at once, even if they both have early 2007 delivery dates, because they’re all so very different. (Just so long as they don’t have the SAME delivery date, because that would mean handling rewrites and copyedits for two different books at the same time, and please just kill me if that happens because even the barest hint of that thought makes me weak and wibbly and wanting to dig a hole in the corner of my office in which to hide. Gah. Back to the good thoughts.) It’s not like I don’t usually have three or more things on the go at the same time as a rule anyhow, simply to give my brain somewhere else to work when I hit a wall on one thing or another. And they’d all have saner deadlines than two months from now, because while doing one book on an unusual deadline like that is barely doable, but two at once? Impossible. (I am a goddess, yes, but there are limits to my goddessyness. My thoughts go veering back to that hole in the corner of my office.)

And if they’re all accepted, then we can simply schedule them over the next couple of years. Then I’d have multiple books coming out two years in a row, eight to ten months apart. (Hmm, is that a sense of deja vu? I think it is. Except not the insane deadlines or the to-the-rescue parts. And yay on that.)

While the proposal ideas got good response when casually discussed, they’re all being officially formally presented next week now that I’ve finished polishing them and have submitted the final drafts. I’m all bouncy and excited about it. I’m sure you couldn’t tell.

Oddly enough, the seasonal spellcrafting proposal is the idea I’m the least excited about out of the three I could be writing next. Or perhaps it’s not odd, because it’s the idea I’ve had the longest and I worked out all my bounciness about it two years ago, while everything else is shiny and new. And then there’s that series proposal that I did that isn’t really a potential assignment for me, but I’m excited about it anyhow, cause it’s my baby as well.

All right. I should stop bouncing here and do something else.

8 thoughts on “Whee!

  1. Maia

    *bunny bounces along with you*

    It is indeed good to read a bouncy tone in your words.

    I wish I could be as excited about that paper I’m writing. It’s interesting but certainly not bounce worthy. *sigh*

    Many are the hugs. :D

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    All the proposals are for non-fic; my publisher doesn’t deal with fiction. And I’m keeping the other proposal subjects to myself for the moment; not that I’m superstitious, just that one’s unique enough that I don’t want to share it until it’s set in stone, the second is connected to it, and the other isn’t my idea and so I’m doing the polite NDA thing until it’s contracted.

    Thanks for the enthusiasm, everyone!

  3. Lu


    I just had an exam in contracts, and one of my essay topics was deliverance/acceptance of manuscripts. It’s nice to see things in practical application!


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