I’m currently very ticked off because I cannot find the all-weather rain shield for the stroller that I bought last fall. It never got taken out of the box, because we just didn’t go out on the really horrible days. Now that I have to go out to the grocery store before lunch and it’s a half hour both ways and it’s pouring, I need it. And of course it isn’t where I left it, because the garage has been rearranged a trillion times since last fall. (I can’t find anything down there when I want it because it keeps getting moved around, actually, but that’s beside this particular point.) One would think a baby item would logically be put with all the other baby stuff, but no, it isn’t with all the other equipment neatly stacked along the wall. I looked in cupboards, on shelves — nothing. Which means it probably got put in a box during one of HRH’s odd tidying sessions and is now under a stack of other stuff somewhere, and will not be found until Liam is seven years old.

I’m so frustrated I could scream. I know I’m easily irritated these days, but so very grr and argh.

Later: Okay, baby sleeping for just under two hours goes a long way to making me feel better. And it’s really amazing what you can do with an egg, some lentils, a bit of pasta, and cheese when there’s nothing else with which to feed someone.

2 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. scarlet

    Vegetible-chicken stirfry? Did you not like it? Oh… and if you are really ever stuck… you can get something from my pantry as long as you leave me a little note so I know. I have TONS of rice varients and stuffs. I keep a stock of things for moments like this when I can’t get to the grocery store. We are very happy sharing foods. We also have a TON of burgers from the BBQ. Please, come grab some.

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    Oh, I had the stirfry for lunch myself, and it was great… but Liam doesn’t eat all that stuff yet (although he did enjoy the bits of chicken and tofu I shared with him). It was fresh vegetables & fruit for him that I was totally out of, because I’d forgotten to stop for groceries on my way home from my Tuesday night errand.


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