Welcome To Your First Demonstration Of The Cycle Of Life

We have had a goldfish casualty. Now there are only Fish One and Fish Two. It’s a good thing Liam can’t count yet.

It lasted a whole week before dying. I’m mildly impressed. I’m even more impressed that two are still alive.

6 thoughts on “Welcome To Your First Demonstration Of The Cycle Of Life

  1. scarlet

    Sixty-nine cent casualties are acceptable…
    and those kinds of slaves are easily replaceable.
    “Hey, new slave fishy, entertain his young highness, Liam.”

  2. Kris :)

    In high school, my mom bought me a goldfish when we moved into our new house, as our dog had just died. Not wanting me to go through another casualty, it was about a week later that she told me her fish tale. Apparently throughout the week, there were 3 replacement fishes bought and replaced so I wouldn’t notice. But the last fish had white spots, which the other one didn’t, so I knew she’d at least tried to keep it a secret. Funny what mother’s will do to make their children happy.

    Here’s a link about goldfish:

    Enjoy Goldie.. and Clyde.. or whatever names Liam gives them :)

  3. ADZO

    You’re now in a precarious position! At any time, Liam will understand One and More than One. TAZ’s More than One is called “Two”, which is on its way to be split into Two and More Than Two To Be Known As Three. TAZ invokes the right of Two Suss! Double barreled pacifiers are a new must.


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