Note To Self

Putting on Invisible’s Zombie Chickens Live! at a highish volume goes a long, long way towards counteracting a bad mood. A half-glass of Dad’s Pinot Grigio helps too. (It’s a half glass because I only have one bottle left and I’m making it last as long as I can…)

I shouldn’t be surfing in a mood like this because I want to order lots and lots of books. Online ordering is so seductively simple, curse it.

5 thoughts on “Note To Self

  1. Ceri

    At last count, Zombie Chickens has been downloaded 1600 times. The other songs? A few hundred. Scott and I both wish we knew where all the hits were coming from. Has it spread so far? Or is someone just downloading and playing it again and again and again? We have no idea.

    (No, we don’t need suggestions on how to fix the re-download thing. We still have lots of bandwidth and will change the file location and zip it if it becomes a problem.)

  2. Owldaughter Post author


    HRH tells me that the phrase “zombie chickens” is all over WoW now, which leads me to believe that someone has been seeding it for people to wonder about and then (of course) to Google, thus resulting in people finding and downloading the song.

    Invisible: now a web-wide phenomenon. And we were there.

  3. Ceri

    Scott tells me that there are Zombie Chickens in WoW as a plot point — completely unrelated to Invisible apparently (though part of me STILL suspects Phil’s hand in this). So the song might be coming up as WoWers search for information.


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