Quick Weekend Recap

We are so very, very tired of the rain. HRH has been cranky because he’s been working outside in it all week, Liam’s been cranky because he’s been stuck inside, and I’ve been cranky because their crankiness has been getting on my nerves. There was a brief period of sun over on the South Shore mid-afternoon when we dropped Liam off at his grandparents’ house today, and it did wonders to lift the general depression, even if it was only for a little while.

We did an elevation ritual this afternoon and because it started late we had to race off to pick up the baby as soon as the ritual was over, which meant we didn’t get to stay for the dinner afterwards. It was disappointing, because we’d really been looking forward to sitting down and sharing time with everyone involved. It sounds like the Rocky Road ice cream pie I made went over well, though. I’ll have to rely on other peoples’ reports.

Yesterday was a fabulous magic of cooking class, too, possibly the most successful one we’ve done so far.

I finally had the opportunity to restring the cello tonight (I so want to say “I restrang the cello”). These new steel strings are so thin! And they haven’t gone out of tune since I put them on! Steel strings are very stable, but I’ve never used them, because generally they’re a lot brighter than synthetic or gut core strings and I prefer a rich mellow tone from my strings. We’ll see how they settle in over the week. The tension is very different as well, so I’ll have to adjust my playing both at orchestra and at band.

A warm bath and bed are in order, I think. The gloom and rain have been sapping my energy.

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