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HRH finally saw Liam pull himself up to stand by the coffee table last night. And, of course, today was his first movement-related ouch: he pulled himself up, overbalanced reaching for (what else) a cat, and hit his head on the corner of that coffee table. It had to happen; both his parents did it at least once as babies too. Liam caught the edge of his eye socket, but other than a red mark that’s a bit swollen and injured pride, he’s fine.

I think I forgot to mention that the pacifier is a thing of the past. His original one was getting worn at the bottom of the bulb from those new little teeth chewing on it, so I took it away and tried to give him another one of the same design. He wouldn’t take it. Apparently to the other one was worked in just so, and he wasn’t going to accept any substitutes. So he cried a bit at bedtime for two nights, and then la la la, it’s like he’d never had a soother, ever.

We have a new car stroller courtesy of his paternal grandparents (thanks!), and it rides like a dream.

He loves playing in the sun that comes through the front living room windows in the morning, and he loves watching the shadows things make, too. Thank the gods for spring. Walks are ever so much more pleasant. And the sun that pours into the house at various times in various places makes me want to curl up in the sun puddles like a cat.

We’ve ascertained that Maggie actually plays with him. Now that he’s mobile, he galumphs after her wherever she goes. In the kitchen the other night she had him doing lengths of the room for half an hour, simply by strolling to the back door, sitting down and watching him galumph towards her, then sidestepping and walking past him to the kitchen table while Liam drags himself around and heads off towards her again, cackling with glee. He slept beautifully that night.

Okay, enough of an update. I don’t get online much any more thanks to the New Improved Mobile Baby, so when I do I throw a bunch of stuff down into the journal to keep at least somewhat up to date.

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