The Deadline Looms

I asked t! how things were when he called from work yesterday afternoon. “I no longer hate the plot,” he responded. And you know, that’s really all a creative-type can hope for sometimes. When you don’t hate what you’re writing, you can at least work on it. When you hate it, all you can do is scroll through it and think about how much you detest the thing Sometimes, the most important thing about writing or drawing or painting or composing is just getting to a point where you no longer hate the work, even if it’s just for a moment. So long as you hate it, you’re focused on the fact that you hate it, and not the work in question. But as soon as you’re past the hate, a dozen new avenues of development open up.

I have an hour and a half till my deadline. I don’t hate my manuscript. I hate that I have to rearrange information between two chapters.

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