*blink* *blink*

I’ve just finished editing the first two chapters of my manuscript.

They’re good. In fact, they’re much better than I remember them. My line editor is a genius at suggesting the occasional alternate word, and moving a word to a different position in a sentence in order to make it just that much smoother. To my immense glee, there aren’t many edits at all, and lots of positive comments and queries for further personal interest. She described it as clean, solid, and the best New Age text that she has ever read. And get this — the manuscript is running “a bit long.” Muah-hah-hah! Better to cut here and there to tighten things up than to produce masses of new material!

Chapter Two, the chapter on history, is definitely better than I remember. This is the chapter I wanted to cut completely when I submitted the manuscript, remember? But upon a fresh re-read it’s solid, and it’s important to give the reader a sense of where it all came from, and what the major influences have been.

And, true to form, my tea is now cold. All is right with the world. Except for the fact that I have to make more tea.

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