Daily Archives: August 2, 2015

Owlet’s Spectacular Spectacles

When I got my new glasses a couple of months ago, Owlet did a lot of sighing and trying on frames of her own, saying, “I wish I could have glasses.”

Well, this happened yesterday:

No warning, no chance to prepare her; I thought this was a consultation regarding the patch the optometrist had told me about two weeks ago during the kids’ trip to the eye doctor (Owlet’s first visit). He said he needed to see her again for a proper examination and evaluation, because small children’s eyes focus really, really well, and he needed to relax her eye muscles so he could do a proper test without the eyes trying to compensate. What he did know was that she was farsighted and her left eye was weaker, and he thought perhaps she may need to wear a patch on the good eye to force the weak eye to improve. So Owlet and I went to the optometrist yesterday morning, and they gave her the drops to relax her eyes; then we went to get ice cream while the drops took effect. Once back in the doctor’s office, he took about three minutes to peer at her eyes and flip a few dials, then boom, a glasses prescription. (Good thing I’d gotten mine a couple of months ago, so she’d seen me go through the process.) She is to wear them all the time for six weeks, then he’s going to check her eyes again. He says that often wearing a prescription like this full-time at this age can train the weak eye to work better. If it hasn’t improved as much as he’d like, she’ll wear a patch and the glasses.

I struck while the iron was hot and went next door to Lenscrafters. There were plenty of purple ones, even ones with butterflies on the temples, and she tried them all on. These were the final pair (they weren’t purple, so they weren’t initially on her radar), and they look terrific. They have little Elsa cameos on the temples, with ‘Elsa’ engraved on the arms with a little flourish. Apparently they were new in that morning, so we were lucky! We had lunch out while the lenses were made, then went back to pick them up and get them properly fitted. She got a pink plastic case for them, too, which I think she’s even more enthralled with than the glasses. I’d like to take a moment to bless Lenscrafters for their policy of 50% off both kids’ frames and lenses, and the $35 protection plan for kids’ glasses that covers everything minus a small deductible. (I’m told something like 95% of the plans purchased get used, and knowing how kids play, I don’t doubt it.)

The technician warned us not to have her wear them in the car, in case the change in vision made her a bit sick, so she put them once we were at home. But then, after she’d shown them off, she wanted to put them carefully back in their case and go off and do her regular thing without them. We helped her work through her initial resistance to wearing them at home; there has been lots of encouragement about how great she looks and how special it is that she gets lovely glasses and a case when none of her friends have them. Ceri had given us a copy of Fancy Nancy: Spectacular Spectacles when I got my glasses and Owlet was envious of them, so we sat on her bed together, both wearing our glasses, and read the book. This time, instead of identifying with Nancy, who is jealous of her best friend Bree’s new glasses, Owlet got to identify with Bree, who is happy to be able to see things without blurs and without her eyes hurting.

I took a peek through them when she took them off, and wow — that left eye is bad. We had no clue; her right eye has been working hard to take care of everything, so there was no evidence or obvious clues that she was missing details. HRH said this morning that he noticed she wasn’t hesitating as much on stairs and was moving out of the way of things more precisely than she had been doing previously, though, so what we thought was general preschooler klutziness or wandering attention may have been related to her vision. We’ll no doubt notice various other improvements in the next few weeks.

If we can get her used to them this weekend — and so far, so good — then going to daycare with them will be easier. She wearing them cheerfully when I got up this morning, which is a great start, and she was excited to go visit her oldest godsisters today to show them off. (Our eldest goddaughter has been wearing glasses since she was a toddler, so I am sure she will have encouraging words for Owlet, too.)

I was fine with her turning four this week, but turning four and suddenly looking so much older while wearing her first pair of glasses? This, I wasn’t prepared for.