Daily Archives: April 11, 2013

Extreme Advance Warning For The Summer Concert

In recognition of the fact that I have been terrible at posting information about upcoming concerts in decent time to allow people to make plans…

Hey, everyone! Our summer concert happens on July 1! Mark your calendars now! Unless things have changed drastically, it start either at 19h30 or 20h00 and take place at St-Joachim church in Pointe-Claire Village, located right on the waterfront at 2 Ste-Anne Street, a block and a half south of Lakeshore Road.

We will be presenting a programme with a dance theme. I know there is a Tchaikovsky waltz, some Strauss, some Dvorak, the Capriol suite by Peter Warlock (yay!), and there will be more.

So there you have it. No one can say I didn’t give them enough lead time on this one.