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Owlet: Six and a Half Weeks

Babies eat time, I am convinced of it. It is the only explanation. So, quickly:

New these past couple of weeks:

    – Baby eyebrows have made an appearance, very faint and fair but definitely there.

    – Her head of hair is growing longer! She’s developing quite the cowlick at the crown of her head. It’s all soft and fluffy. We are enchanted, because the boy didn’t have much hair for his first year.

    – Cloth diapering at night is going very well indeed; hurrah for the nice thick all-in-one Bumgenius 3.0s!

    – First stretch of time without Mum and Dad around; HRH’s parents babysat the kids while I was at the first orchestra rehearsal and HRH was at the parent orientation meeting held at the boy’s school.

    – Most importantly: Baby smiles have made an appearance! Let me tell you, they make an hour of shrieking and refusal to settle all okay when she shares big gaping smiles with you. It was last Wednesday night after I got home from orchestra. Owlet had a bit of a rough time while we were gone what with gas pains and screaming, when I got home I was treated to her first deliberate smiles. She was kind of goofy about it, but they were real, wide, on-purpose smiles. Then she gave her dad some, too, so we all went to bed utterly charmed and snuggled to sleep.

I want to say that everything has been perfect since the tongue tie was cut, but we still have bad gas issues (and no, we are not exaggerating normal gas; this is horrendous and painful, and it wakes her up all the time so she’s still not getting as much sleep as she ought to). She also still has a lazy latch, and doesn’t drink hard or fast enough to properly satisfy herself before she dozes off, although it’s miles better than it was before. After an encouraging weight gain in the first few days after the cut, she dropped to packing on an average of only ten grams a day. The CLSC is just about ready to admit defeat and declare her just a small, slow-gaining baby; they’re waiting for her to hit eight weeks and then they’ll look to see if she’s been sticking to a general percentile curve, in which case she’s fine, because she’s thriving in every other way.

I think one of the hardest things this time round is fitting her into everyone else’s schedule. We have to wake her up before she’s ready to make sure she can come out the door with me to walk the boy to the bus stop, and again in the afternoon to meet the bus. Inevitably for the latter she’s only just finally fallen asleep for a nap no matter how hard I’ve been trying to get her to sleep all day, and I have to change her and get her into the carriage for the walk. Worse, sometimes she falls asleep on the walk, and I end up waking her up to bring her inside. We’ve sat outside for an hour or so a couple of times to make sure she gets some kind of afternoon nap, but it usually isn’t practical what with homework or weather or what have you. I can only hope that eventually her biorhythm will fit into the house’s schedule.


Ceri captioned this, “I has a snuggle”:

And here she is, all kitted out in handknits and accessorized with a handwoven for a day out in the cooler weather:

You can see how she’s grown just by comparing how that hat fits her now to how big it was when she was born, when we had to roll it up and it still fell off if her head wasn’t at the right angle, up in the post icon.