Daily Archives: March 5, 2011

For The Fans

I have had requests for pictures of the boy and his proper-sized cello. So without further ado:

That thing on the floor under his feet is a mat/map showing where his feet go in two different positions, where the endpin goes, and where the chair goes. He got to decorate it (and chose rockets and arrows and alien script, as you can see).

We both survived March break together last week, and I made my noon deadline on Friday. In general, he was very good at understanding that when Mum was working, he was to be doing Other Stuff. It was hardest at the beginning of the week, when he interrupted me pretty much every ten minutes asking for help or entertainment, but it got easier. HRH took him to work on Thursday to give me the entire day to work on my own, and he had a blast there helping HRH cut out the stringers for stairs, buying wood, eating in the cafeteria, and playing with clay.

Today HRH cut out what will be the doorway to the attic stairs. It’s framed and has molding around it and everything, and tomorrow, a door will be hung in it to contain the workspace while the attic is being built. At the moment it goes into my office closet, but once the plasterboard is up, the stringers can be mounted, and the stair steps (also purchased on Thursday) can start being placed. That should come in a couple of weeks. We think it should be warm enough to punch through to the attic itself in April, when all the work on lifting and strapping the insulation can start. Somehow, the new doorway makes the hallway look much bigger.

I finished spinning the Polworth, and then finished plying it this morning. I’m skeining it now, and it’s taking forever, because it’s turned out to be real laceweight, and so far I have 400 yards of plied laceweight yarn. And it’s not even quite halfway done. I’m boggled. There will be pictures when the pile of skeins are done.