Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

Breaking News

Happy 2011 and all that; I owe a books read in December post and my annual year-in-review post, but I am being firmly kicked by the fibro and am suffocating under a pile of catch-up post-vacation work plus a wall about to be built in my office, so you get to wait.

This, however, does not wait:

Someone’s got something big to share with his class when he goes back to kindergarten on Thursday!

We were woken up at 4:15 on December 30 with the exciting news that the tooth was a bit wiggly. We’ve had updates two or three times a day since then, and the boy just came upstairs to show me that when he pushed with his tongue the tooth almost lay down entirely… and suddenly there was an odd look on his face, he opened his mouth, and out fell the tooth onto his palm. So we took photographic evidence, which we share here with you. Tonight, the Tooth Fairy stops by our house for the first time, a momentous occasion indeed.