Daily Archives: November 26, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen…

… it is currently snowing here on the eastern bank of Montreal’s south shore. (Geography and absolute cardinal points: Montreal scoffs at those.)

One of the reasons I enjoy checking in with online social media like Twitter is that I can see posts chronicling weather hitting eastern parts of Ontario, then west of Montreal, the island itself, and then look out my window and see it hit here. It’s fun.

One more hour of work. Then I ought to be finished my second pass of copyediting on this freelance project, and I shall knock off for the day and spin some more Polworth in the ‘Sunspot’ colourway. (“Is that called ‘Phoenix’?” Ceri asked me the other week. It ought to be; it’s all the different colours in a flame, and very enjoyable to spin on a grey day.)

There are tiny little specks of snow being blown all over out there. Nothing’s sticking, though it’s lovely to watch. By the end of January I will be so over the “hurrah, snow!” thing, but for now, it’s terrific.