Daily Archives: September 3, 2010

Kindergarten: Day Three

The boy got on the right bus on the way home, and got off at the right stop. We have a successfully completed Mission: Kindergarten Integration. (Achievements unlocked: School Bus Passenger, Elementary School Kid. Rating: Awesome.)

Reports from the boy have included:

    “The bus ride was REALLY AWESOME! It was bumpy, because there were lot of bumps.”

    “I sat with another boy.” ( “Can you tell us his name?” “No, because I didn’t ask.” “Tomorrow, tell him your name, then ask his.” “Okay!”)

    “I sat with the boy again! He let me sit next to the window!” ( “What is his name?” “Well, I can’t tell you, because I asked, but I forgot it.”)

    “We saw all the offices! And met all the people! And Mr. Chris is our gym teacher!”

    “There’s a girl in my class!” (Yes indeed, and there ought to be more when both halves of the class are together for the first time on Monday.)

    “Mama, Mama, when we sit for circle time we do a hop and kick and cross your legs!” (When he tried to demonstrate, he almost fell over when his legs tangled.)

Goodbyes have been conducted with vigorous waving, and so have hellos, complete with smiles. Indeed, this child has had zero problems with new school, new teacher, and new friends. And yes, he refers to everyone as his new friends, and I wish that as an adult we still had that outlook. Tuesday is his first full day, which should be interesting for everyone.

As for the house, the first round of painting is complete; the downstairs hallway will get done when we build the new stairway and repaint the current one. There is art on the walls of all rooms but our bedroom and my office (my collage wall takes a while; I’ll have key pieces up by the end of the weekend). HRH is off picking up a secondhand bentwood and wicker settee for the living room, which will do for now until (if) I find something small and light enough to replace it. The heavy vertical blinds have been removed from the kitchen, living room, and my office, replaced by our light bamboo blinds and in my office a light green linen curtain. The pot rack is up (the ceiling is plaster and lathes!), and HRH has moved the hinge from one side of the fridge to the other. Hilarity has ensued as all of us continue to reach for the old side and come up short.

It’s Friday night, so it’s homemade pizza night. Off I go to mix up the dough.