Daily Archives: July 9, 2008


I finally got around to reading a news story that came in on an RSS feed, and I am highly amused. It outlines a rejected pitch for a Wii game proposed by Luc Bernard, said to be a 2D proper Castlevania-like game. But the best part, in my opinion, is this:

– Attacks & Fighting –
The player will take the control of [the character] who will attack with her cello. She will be able to upgrade her weapon by gaining experience points every time she kills a enemy. You will be able to find armours in the castle which will make her less vulnerable to attacks. As the game progresses you will be able to cast magic spells as stronger attacks against bosses. But every time you use a spell, your magic meter will go down so you will have to find more magic in the castle to refill it.

– Skills & Upgrades –
You will start off with only have some basic moves, such as a normal cello attack and a attack when you’re jumping or in the air. […]

– Magic Powers –
There will be several powers that you will be able to find within the castle. Such as a shield spell, another one that allows you to summon pugs that will then attack the closest enemy. Others spells will allow you to play the cello and have flying notes then go all over the screen and give damage to all enemies, ones that can cast fire (to burn down things) and also water.

And another tidbit:

The [fight against the] orchestra conductor boss will basically be a rhythm mini game where you will have to move the wiimote and nunchuck at the right moments in rhythm (like indicated on screen) to attack him with flying musical notes coming out of the cello.

The complete article is here, but basically quotes the majority of Bernard’s original post sharing the rejected concept. It sounds like an entertaining concept and a good old-fashioned game. But then, I’m a cellist, and the idea of a character having the power to fight enemies by producing music that attacks them in different ways amuses me to no end. If I can’t have a Cello Hero game, then I’d settle quite happily for this. The Wii would be terrific for a cello game; the remote and the nunchuck combo is brilliant.