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Liam: Six Months Old

Christmas happened when Liam was six and a half months old. You can go to Liam's First Christmas for those photos.

By six months, Liam had enough dexterity to use the suspended jumper seat. And wow, did he ever go wild!

Mealtime is still lots of fun. Especially now that he's better at manipulating the spoon.

Books are also still lots of fun...

... especially when they're followed by kisses!

The good old-fashioned toys are still fun to play with.

Liam can be pretty goofy sometimes!

Look how big he is in the swing at just a few days before seven months! (Check out the picture of his first swing ride on the Liam: One and Two Months photo page as comparison!)

The wonderful but dreaded moment of Liam standing alone, holding on to the coffeetable. He still can't pull himself up, but if he's standing supported by hands resting on his waist and he grabs for the table edge, then he can stand for a while before his centre of gravity moves too far one way or another, and he sits down with a bump.

More coming soon!

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