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Photo Album:

Liam: One and Two Months Old

As Liam came home when he was thirty-two days old, this album covers his last two days in the hospital and his first month at home. For pictures prior to this, from birth to one month, see the main Liam page.

The day I went in to the hospital to begin my 48 hour stay with Liam before bringing him home was his one-month birthday. The night nursing staff had made him a little card and taped it to his bassinet.

Liam's one month old birthday picture, taken in the hospital.

Liam's first ride in the car seat, coming home two days later.

The Amby Bed was a definite hit. We highly recommend these suspension hammock-type beds.

When he was this little, he was fine with lying in the basket in my office while I worked on my third book.

Liam's first try in the bounce chair his Grandma and Grandpa bought him.

And his first ride in the swing my cousin Fiona passed on to us.

Liam's second month birthday picture.

Tummy time!

Liam got to meet his three-year-old gods-sister Devon halfway through August. We all went on a trip to the Ecomuseum together.

And Devon got to feed him, too, when we stopped for a picnic lunch!

We drove down to Oakville to see my parents for Labour Day Weekend. Liam and his da enjoyed sitting on the front porch together. Here Liam demonstrates his version of the Hokey Pokey.

By two and a half months, Liam had pretty decent head control.

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