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Liam: Five Months Old

When he hit five months, Liam discovered that books had pages -- and they turn!

... and he proceeded to read them to anyone who would listen. The Magic Rabbit has good ears for this sort of thing.

Books are definitely worth getting excited about.

In the weeks following his fifth month birthday, Liam got better and better at sitting up. Bath time suddenly became a lot more fun. The rubber ducks given to him by his Nana, his Auntie Ceri, and his Uncle Scott certainly were more entertaining when he could see them!

Being able to sit up without falling over, propped or not, also made a huge difference to how Liam felt about himself. You can tell in these photos that he's a lot more confident.

Auntie Roo, Liam's fairy godmother, gave him a magician bunny toy (usually referred to as the Magic Rabbit). For the time being, it's Liam's size: he can cuddle it, sit with it, wrestle with it, and he loves it.

"For me, Auntie Roo?"

Just hanging around with the Magic Rabbit.

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