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Liam: Ten Months Old

At Easter, Liam got to visit his Grandad's Canadian Warcraft Heritage Museum, and he got to fly one of the planes! Well, in the play area, anyhow. He was absolutely delighted with the ride-on biplane: he could sit on the seat and move his feet, and the plane rolled forward and backward. This was the first kind of ride-on toy he'd ever tried, and it was a huge hit.

Liam also got to visit a farm on Easter weekend. He saw baby chicks...

... and cows...

... and horses...

...and goats...

...and ducks and geese...

...and had lots of fun outside!

The Easter Bunny left Liam an Easter basket of goodies! There were new shoes, and clothes, and a wooden puzzle...

... and new books, including one about dinosaurs! The triceratops is his favourite.

Liam was most upset about missing his Uncle Tass and Auntie Jan's getting-married party. He made up for it the next morning by going through all the boxes of empties.

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