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Liam: Three Months

Because Liam is such a social creature, by three months he was insistent about sitting with us at the dinner table. When holding him on our laps became a bit too difficult (asking your spouse to cut up your meat eventually gets annoying), we borrowed a high chair three months ahead of our projected schedule. It was one of the best things we could have done. He was a bit small for it, but with a folded towel underneath him and an infant head brace tucked behind him to help keep him upright, Liam was nice and cosy.

We travelled to Oakville to visit my parents again at Thanksgiving. Liam's interest in staring at people eating had turned into a full-out obsession by this point, and that fact coupled with his need to constantly be nursing finally led us to giving him a taste of rice cereal just a few days before his fourth month birthday. After the initial reaction of "What on earth are you doing to me?" the first time he tried it, he seemed to enjoy it immensely. Food for Liam was a social thing at this point: sitting with the grownups at the table, and eating things like they eat with utensils and everything. We weren't looking to wean him; solids were in no way replacing breastfeeding.

A cuddle with his Granddad.

Liam wasn't a bad traveller by car at this age, so long as we stopped every two hours for a meal and a stretch.

Handsome flying baby!

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