Wish List

(Updated November 2015)

I’m open to gifts any time. Really! Just-because gifts can be more special than birthday gifts, or Yule gifts, or name-day gifts. There aren’t enough holidays to use as excuses to gift people, in my humble opinion.

Gift certificates are always a hit with me. I know people can be touchy about the impersonal but-it-looks-like-I-copped-out-and-didn’t-even-try aspect that can be associated with gift certificates, but seriously, the best thing you can do is give me the gift of choosing exactly what I want to buy. Gift certificates to these book and music places are always welcome:

* Indigo/Chapters
* iTunes

I am a tea lover! My tea merchant of choice is Thesaurus Tea, and I’m sure she’d be happy to sell you a gift certificate!

* Thesaurus Tea

Yarn and spinning supplies are always welcome, too! The following places are some of my favourites to shop at:

* Espace Interstitiel, my local spinning and weaving supplier (gift certificates can be purchased by e-mailing the studio via that web site)
* Acme Fibres

I love fountain pens and specialty inks. I spend a lot of time on the WonderPens site comparing ink swabs and pen nibs, and making lists. They sell gift certificates, too!

* WonderPens.ca

The cello is an expensive instrument and maintenance is an ongoing thing. My local luthier is Olivier Perot and I’m sure they’d do a gift certificate for you. Gift certificates to Cellos2go.com to help buy things like cello strings, music, and accessories are great as well.

If you’re determined to get me something specific, I do have some online wish lists. Most of my wish list goes out of date pretty quickly as things are added and dropped, so I can only somewhat guarantee that these are mostly up-to-date.You can e-mail me for the links.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out the things I’ve marked as favourites on Etsy, or browse through the stuff I’ve pinned on my Pinterest boards.

* Etsy faves
* Pinterest boards

I’m not picky; secondhand things in decent shape are fine. A lot of the stuff I’m looking for isn’t available new any more anyway.

I love hand-made and home-made objects, too.

And in case you think I’m materialistic, and measure love by presents… you’re quite wrong. I just love getting mail, and opening packages. And reading books. Don’t you?