Work Avoidance

Tripped across another one of those wretched quizzes. I have been so good for so long, but I broke down and clicked radio buttons and discovered that I am…

The Goddess Life:
Pure, innocent, naive; the embodiment of sweetness and light.
Represented by the color white and the element air, Life is all that is good and true.
She loves order, stability, and all things beautiful and serene.
Shows an inexplicable affinity for operas, curly hair, and corsets.

Er. Okay. Half of me, maybe. I checked out the other possible answers and found my other half, which, fittingly enough, happens to be…

The Goddess Death:
Dark, moody, logical, pessimisstic; probably sarcastic, cynical, and frighteningly intelligent.
Dark, morbid, appropriately represented by the color black and the element water.
Death is reserved, intellectual, introspective.
Rarely does she do anything requiring a lot of energy or display of emotion —
but when she does, anyone within a few planes would do well to duck and cover.

See? That’s why net quizzes can be so disappointing. They only take part of you into account.

Silly net quizzes.

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