Santa 2013!

Hey, guess what? Owlet’s 28-month post is still not up, because I need pictures that are on HRH’s phone and we are never with it enough when we have a moment to actually download and transfer them from his computer to mine. Yes, that’s right; we have no lives, and are brain-dead a lot of the time when we do have a second to sit down.

In its place, please enjoy the annual Santa photo!

(“What are you going to ask Santa for?” we inquired of Owlet before the visit. “Tea,” she said. Thumbs up, kid.)

For the purposes of comparison and exclaiming at how the children have grown:

The 2012 Santa photo
The 2011 Santa photo

3 thoughts on “Santa 2013!

  1. Gerald Lenavitt

    Wow Autumn! What a beautiful family you have!!! Your children are just beautiful. Hey, I wish you and your family just the Merriest Christmas ever. Hug and love those little cherubs. They’re simply precious! My Best, Jerry

  2. Bev Preston

    Merry Christmas/Happy Yule! What beautiful children you have, and it sounds like “Owlet” is going to be a very smart, independent girl, possibly a musician like her mother and brother. Lucky you! (I hadn’t noticed until now how incredibly handsome Liam is these days, BTW!)
    Happy New Year!

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