Friday Photos!

With an art theme.

This morning’s book report (in kindergarten, they draw their favourite part of the book; it’s a comprehension thing):

This week’s letter sound was Q. “Mama, I want to draw a quail for the letter Q!” he announced. What? A what? Where did you see/hear/encounter a quail? Whatever. Let me tell you, I have plenty of reference material, having just finished writing a book on birds. We looked at the photos and sketches I have of quails, and he did it from memory at school. While the general shape is, um, odd for a quail, which usually looks kind of like a softball with a tail, you can totally tell this is a quail because of the comma-shaped feather on the top of the head. Also, I love the look on this bird’s face. This is one cheerful quail.

And finally, these are a few of his favourite things: trees, owls, and bunnies:

6 thoughts on “Friday Photos!

  1. Pasley

    I love kids’ pictures! They are so much about the emotions behind them, with no hang-ups about things needing to look realistic. There’s just so much joy in them, and one can’t help but smile looking at them!

  2. Autumn Post author

    He’s got a really fabulous cat one with his name at the bottom, but half the reason I’m so proud of it is how well he’s written his full name, and cropping it off would just make me sad, so I didn’t post that one.

  3. paze

    “I’m so proud of it is how well he’s written his full name”

    Good for Liam!!

    It’s such an amazing thing when they learn to do that! We forget how so much of our early sense of identity and uniqueness and value is tied up in our ability to recognize and spell out our own name(s).


  4. Autumn Post author

    Oh, he’s been writing his own name for ages; it’s the skill in the printing that I’m proud of, because it’s all even and clear and pretty!

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