Tuesday Activity Log

I am freaking exhausted. I know I have fibro, I know travel knocks me out, I knew being outside knocks me out even before the fibro diagnosis. Two twelve-hour car rides in four days, plus all the time between those trips being outside? Recipe for dragging myself around for the week following. I’m really struggling.

In other random news, in the past twenty-four hours I have spent more time on Facebook talking to people I reconnected with this weekend than I usually spend in a week. Which wasn’t much to begin with (I am a Twitter girl more than a Facebook girl), but whoa. It’s good to be with them, even virtually.

In my ongoing project of recording what I do each day so I don’t feel like I wasted it, I can report that today I:

– baked bread
– baked a pan of shortbread
– coloured my hair
– finished weaving the baby blanket (that link takes you to the blanket’s Ravelry project page, which I set to be accessible via this link only if you’re a non-Rav user)
– did all the finishing on the baby blanket (hemstitching the ends, cutting it off the loom, doing the fringe)
– did research on a couple of things
– reactivated my freelance status with my employer
– viewed a house
– spun two ounces of mohair/merino blend (longdraw, ultimately trying for a worsted weight chain-plied yarn)

Notice that “practising the cello” is not on that list. Why yes, I do have a concert in two days.

I passed out in the car on the way home after struggling not to nap this afternoon. I’m trying hard to not beat myself up for being useless after the trip.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Activity Log

  1. Ceri

    You, me, and Phnee should set up a Tired People’s club. We can get together and nap in the afternoons.

    It sounds like you had a productive day, tiredness notwithstanding!

  2. Autumn Post author

    Except if we got together we would activate the Awesome Triad Vibe of We’ve Spent Time With Neil Gaiman and we would NEVER SLEEP.

  3. Ceri

    Actually, I suspect if we got together, it’s been so long since we’ve had a chance to have tea and chat that we’d skip the nap and do that instead. Which would be fun, but counterproductive to the mission of our group.


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