I have had a couple of people now e-mail me to say that they like the idea of recording the day’s accomplishments. I firmly believe that we don’t give ourselves enough credit, and I know how easily I downplay what I do in a day because it doesn’t have a concrete or immediate result, so if I can prove to myself that my day was not a waste because I got maintenance/work/research whatever done (you know, stuff that gets me closer to a concrete goal) then I’m happier and less stressed. And if I’m inspiring people to re-examine their own days and their accomplishments to see that they do more than they think they do too, then so much the better. (Conversely, I’m sure there are people out there grumbling because they think I’m showing them up by boasting about what I get done, like the folk who hate seeing writers post word count because they see it as some sort of competition or judgment, but really? That’s so not why I’m doing this.)

I have to get into my head that Fridays are half-days in the summer, because of HRH’s summer hours. The boys come home after lunch.

Things I Did Today:

– 3 loads of laundry (was raring to go at 7:45 but waited till 9:00, because there’s a tenant in the downstairs apartment again and I thought it graceful to not start the machines till the standard accepted-noisemaking-hour)
– baked bread
– baked shortbread squares
– finished and handed in the freelance assignment
– finished and sent the rough draft of new baby naming ritual (the babies, they just keep coming!)
– printed out new music
– registered the group and paid for the upcoming camping weekend
– printed out medical and waiver forms
– set the breadmaker up on the timer to make pizza dough for supper

Somewhere along the way today I realised that I have a birthday party to plan for next Saturday. I did ask the boy earlier this week what wanted for his birthday dinner, and he said hot dogs, to which I said, er, no, because I am not serving my parents and in-laws hot dogs. I was thinking salmon. I wonder if that qualifies as a “five-year-old food” in the boy’s hierarchy of age-appropriate consumables?

Okay it’s 1:00, and the boys are home. Time to pack up and head out.

10 thoughts on “Friday!

  1. Ceri

    Would it be appropriate, as a special treat, to make the boy his very own meal? So he can have hot dogs, and everyone else can enjoy salmon?

  2. Blade

    It’s his birthday, let him have his hot dogs. It’ll be BBQ so the adults could just have steaks and/or sausages and/or the salmon you have in mind.

  3. cymry

    The small things tend to get forgotten when we look back on our days; I think it’s a great idea to record them. I look at your lists and think “Wow, how did you do all that?”. Especially the baking/cooking.

  4. Autumn Post author

    Blade and Ceri: He gets his own meals enough of the time that we’re going to do one nice meal for everyone. It will certainly be something he likes, though. He was okay with salmon a while ago, but I may do something a bit less unusual just in case he decides it’s a bit too out of the ordinary for his comfort.

    Andrea: LOL! Now there’s a compromise!

    Cymry: The baking is actually easy, because most of it happens when I’m doing something else. It’s just a ten minutes once an hour kind of thing.

  5. Autumn Post author

    It certainly was on Friday, wasn’t it? Stupid timer on the bread machine. The good news is I now have a lump of pizza dough in my freezer.

  6. Ceri

    How does he feel about spaghetti? You could do chicken parmigiana, and if he’s feeling finicky, he can have noodles and sauce.

    Though I’m sure Ron would prefer if you made Osso Bucco. ;)

    (This is if you need suggestions, of course. Which knowing you, you probably don’t. :) )

  7. Autumn Post author

    No tomato sauce!!1!eleventy-one!1! And I have no idea why. I’m mystified. I made him a lasagna last week with a bechamel-based meat sauce instead of tomato-based, which was a pretty decent hit.

    Mum suggested a flank steak, which I can marinate ahead of time, and it’s quick on the BBQ (out of necessity; cook them too long and they get all icky and tough); I could do a warm potato salad and a big platter of crudites and dip with it. Super easy, and all stuff he loves.

  8. Ceri

    Perhaps he’s made the connection between don’t like tomatoes = don’t like sauce made from tomatoes? The bechamel-based sauce sounds like a great idea.

    Mmm… marinated flank steak. Sounds scrumptious.


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